Top 10 Free Virtual Worlds

The web based browser games:

-->  Pixie Hollow

Pixie Hollow is an MMOG created by The Walt Disney Company, based on the Disney Fairies franchise (the name is taken from the home of Tinker Bell, the main character in the Disney Fairies franchise).
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Gaia Online
zOMG! is a full fledged browser based MMORPG add on to the existing Gaia Online world. While it can best be viewed as an extension of what Gaia already offered, the depth and scope that zOMG! brings with it warrants its own review. For years one of the chief complaints with Gaia Online was the lack of combat and a true sense of growth which couldn’t be achieved with the forum structure. Luckily the folks at Gaia Interactive listened and have been hard at work on zOMG! for several years and the effort really shows. The new MMORPG addition integrates fluidly with current Gaia avatars (your in-game character is displayed as your Gaia avatar) and offers another reason to stick with Gaia Online.
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Free Realms
Free Realms is a fun, whimsical virtual world filled with dynamic gameplay and compelling content for everyone, especially families. It brings to life a whimsical virtual world where gamers can explore, compete, raise pets and socialize. This exciting game is a new way for PC gamers to connect online in a safe, online, family-friendly environment. Free Realms offers a wide variety of gameplay mechanics, including exploration, combat, race car driving, pet raising, mini-games and social networking.
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Our World
Level-based Goodies, you can reach the right level to buy cool stuff to throw or awesome new emoticons.
In a world. Play Games, Meet People, Look Nice
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Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall is a browser-based virtual world developed with the Unity 3D tool set, in order to provide a AAA, 3D experience with over 60 playable spaces that can be easily accessed by kids across a variety of PC and Mac hardware setups. It takes all of the best Cartoon Network characters and re-imagines them in an anime-inspired style, then sets them in dynamic new environments. Players create their own in-game avatars and battle alongside their favorite cartoon characters to save the world from an epic alien invasion.
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Small Worlds
SmallWorlds is a 3D virtual world that runs inside your web browser.
It enables you to build your own room, house, or even your own world, and fill it with a wide variety of items and fun activities.
With your online friends and acquaintances, you can share experiences like playing games, watching YouTube videos, listening to your favourite band, browsing through photo galleries, and much more.
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Dizzywood is a magical land where adventurers explore lost jungle temples, animals pilot airships and live in floating skylands, fairy-like sprites run around fantastic gardens, and the nasty Emperor Withering and his monster henchmen constantly scheme to conquer it all.
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Meez allows you to create your 3D avatar, Meez Inside Games, virtual room and Meez is the social entertainment leader combining avatars, web games and virtual worlds for kids
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SocioTown is a web-based 3D Social MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game). It features a fully immersive and persistent 3D environment with missions, jobs, and in-depth storyline. It’s playable in a browser with no downloadable client required. It utilizes Adobe’s Shockwave Player, which most browsers already have installed.
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Fresbo World
Fresbo World is a browser-based community games. This’s a 3D virtual world – tucked inside your favourite social network. It’is available on Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and Bebo. Shop for clothes and items to customise your avatar. Decorate your own virtual room with different furniture. Interact with your friends and the rest of the Fresbo community.
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Metaplace is a next-generation virtual world platform where worlds grow! You can build your very own world using our easy tools. You can buy things from our Marketplace, import from the web, or use your own creations. The sky is the limit! In addition, you can customize your profile to tell the community a bit about yourself.
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Muniz Online
Muniz Online has found a sweet spot between online games and communities: the game combines the best of these two worlds, to provide a rich multimedia experience to teens. The site is easily accessible, provides numerous forms of interaction and a real multimedia experience, delivers user-generated content and serves as a hub for social networking. The access to this virtual world is free and does not require any downloading.
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Tinier Me
Create your own avatar and customize your own outfit and engage in various forms of communications.
experience multiple in-game challenges, meet other people and chat live, enjoy game events, and get rewarded with virtual coins or items. TinierMe appeals to everyone ages 13 and older.
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