STRAYS é um projeto de webcomic feito por Samantha Whitten e Pefferkorn Stacey, onde ambos partilham as responsabilidades de escrever e desenhar os quadrinhos. É ambientado em um mundo de fantasia onde criaturas míticas são reais e centrado em torno de personagens criados e desenhados pelos dois. O gênero é fantasia, ação e aventura, bem como a comédia, e envolve uma miríade de povos interessantes, assim como criaturas únicas. Abaixo você pode conhecer alguns dos personagens :) Recomendo!

A young orphaned lupian of 12 years old with a big mouth and an even bigger attitude, Meela is quite sassy and energetic and has a strong sense of justice that she tries to guide her (and other's) actions by. She's mostly an annoyance and a burden to Feral, but she has brief, almost unintentional moments, where she actually helps the situation. She is constantly troubled by a painful past, but tries not to let it interfere with her current life. She is also prone to having strange dreams that don't always reflect her past or memories and often confuse her.
Feral Heiss
Feral is a lone mercenary slash bounty hunter with a past unknown to even himself, completely on his own with no apparent ties to any one or any place. He is a mute and cannot speak, so he communicates through his expressions and wild hand guestures, which most people rarely understand. Not much is known about how he lost his voice or the cause of his red eye, mostly due to his inability to communicate decently. He is rather rough and serious, but not completely without heart, often tolerating Meela's presence despite the irritation she causes.
Tannor is Meela's brother and seems to have been in charge of her care before she ended up on her own after he died. She speaks of him often but the circumstances of his death are unclear. According to Meela he was smart, resourceful and a wonderful older brother. When Meela was younger he often used his limited skills to try to craft toys for her, a trait Meela remembers quite fondly.
Mal is a rambunctious young lupian that occassionally appears in Meela's dreams. She seems to know him quite well in them, but has no idea who he is when she is awake. Mal is excitable and somewhat foolhardy, often dragging Meela into trouble or even danger in pursuit of reckless fun.
Kosher Novel
A tough old man who is more than rough around the edges, Kosher is Feral's freelance manager and handles all of his assignments. He has an established working dialogue with Feral and generally only gives him jobs suited to his traits. He makes no secret of his disdain for Meela and enjoys berating her, often goading her on for the fun of it.
Piper Jaleuq
Smart, sly, and a talented thief, Piper is a risky ally at best. Always on the look out for the next sucker that will fall for her charms, she delights in conning practically anything from anybody, sometimes just for kicks. Possessing a somewhat tender and sweet personality aids her deceptions, though it is easy to tug on her heartstrings, something she sees as an inconvenient fault in herself.

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